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When the weather outside
is frightful...

keep your clubs and balls warm inside with us

Unless you're a seasoned scratch golfer, there's always something to work on in the game of golf.  Whether you need to fix that dreaded slice off the first tee or lack confidence with your short game, there's always something to fix or work on.  Fairways Indoor Golf Lounge can help get you ready for the next outdoor season or even help lower your score. 

Fairways Indoor Golf Lounge is primarily a membership based facility designed for serious golfers and those who love the game.  We believe golf training needs an environment with few distractions and less background noise unlike those other golf entertainment venues. 


So if you value the ability to practice in an immersive golf facility with state-of-the-art launch monitor technology and real-time data; you're invite to stop by Fairways Golf Lounge to have a swing on us.

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