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Founder, Managing Partner, Rick Edwards

How it began

After spending thirty (30) plus years in the Advertising and Marketing industry, Chicago native, Rick Edwards decided to disrupt the status quo in the Chicagoland golf community.  As a golf lover, Rick decided to create an indoor facility where serious golfers could forget the harsh Chicago weather and practice or play golf all year round.  Fairways Indoor Golf Center was established August 2022 and opened to the public
February 1, 2023.


The idea to Fairways came from a personal desire to become a better golfer who was stuck with inclement Midwest weather seven months a year.  The Fairways Indoor Golf Center is a membership based facility designed to help improve a golfer's overall game with the use of industry standard E6 software, Mevo+ launch monitor with additional tools and certified LPGA golf coaches. 

Fairways is a boutique ideal location for a quick 1 hour swing session, a 3 hour foursome with the guys or a nice size event space accommodating a group of fifty friends or coworkers.  Fairways Indoor Golf is the right place for for fun and games. 

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