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Fairways Indoor Lounge


An immersive Experience

Walk in and experience the picturest Augusta National or the chance to take your revenge on the local neighborhood course around the corner.  Fairways Indoor Golf Lounge is a tucked away spot for driving range junkies and serious ball strikers who know the only way to lowering their score comes with continues practice and dedication; NOT unlimited beers on tap.


Gimmes are for losers

We know that Sims aren't everyone's cup of tea but for those who like are their tea black, we prefer it straight NO EXCUSES.  In the Sim room, the numbers don't lie when you hit a pure shot or a shank.  We accept technology is king and a great swing will always be rewarded.  We prefer to play without gimmicks or distractions but relay on real-time data and muscles memory created over a year of continuous hours of practice in a controlled golf environment.  

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